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Welcome To The Class

Blog: Stuff

Computer: Copy and Paste
Computer: Printing Sideways
Computer: Stuff and Reminders

Email: The truth about Email
Email: Code on web page
Email: Turn off sound on incoming Email
Email: Email attachments with Outlook Express
Email: Sig File: Why and how
Email: Getting Organized

Newsletter: How to offer the Newsletter at your site
Newsletter: How to format submissions
Newsletter: RSS Feeds

Photos: Resizing

Web Page: How to make an HTML page
Web Page: How to make a Neighborhood Watch page
Web Page: How to make a School District page
Web Page: How to make a PHP/Nuke page
Web Page: Adding a pdf to link to
Web Page: Adding a YouTube video
Web Page: Checking it in a Firefox Browser
Web Page: Getting Seen
Web Page: What are Google Smart Ads

Write: Press Release
Write: Proposal
Write: Resume

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